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SUNY school stereotypes.

Is it just me or do most people seem to have this attitude towards SUNY schools? (Not saying I think this way, I just feel like people on LI generally have this attitude)

Stony Brook: Smart kids who don’t want to move away

Old Westbury: Eww

Farmingdale: Not smart enough to get into anywhere better but doesn’t want to go to Suffolk or Nassau

Purchase: LGBT, art major hipsters. Eww why is there no Greek life?

New Paltz/Albany/Oneonta/Cortland: Great place to party, I mean go to school. And the perfect distance from home!

Buffalo: Too cold

Geneseo: Smart kids!

Binghampton: Smart Jew kids!

Oswego: It’s practically in Canada!

Brockport/Fredonia/Plattsburgh/Postdam: Why?

Again, this is not how I feel. Just wondering if anyone agrees these stereotypes are accurate?

LI college problems.

Is it just me, or does everyone here feel that they have to go away to school, unless you’re smart enough to get into Stony Brook (or if you want to go to Nassau or Suffolk, which there is nothing wrong with).

I mean this was me too, but I still really don’t get it. Yeah most 17/18 year olds feel like they need to go away, (especially during the college app process) but I feel like it’s frowned upon here if you want to stay?

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